All Mechanical Repairs | Mobile Repairs | Electric Vehicle (EV) Repairs, Tauranga

From All Mechanical Repairs, Mobile or in our Workshop, and Electric Vehicle (EV) Repairs, we cater to all types of vehicles and customer needs. With our convenient Mobile Car Service, we take the hassle out of car maintenance by providing on-the-spot solutions. Additionally, as electric vehicles gain popularity, we stay ahead of the curve by offering specialized repairs and maintenance services for your eco-friendly rides.

We understand that sinking feeling when something happens to your vehicle, so if you suffer a mechanical breakdown, we are here to help take the stress out and make the repair as seamless as possible and to get you back on the road quickly as I know firsthand the importance of having a vehicle for those school pick ups and drop offs, kids sports and work.

With the current cost of living crisis here in NZ, we provide reasonable and a competitive price point for our customers to help ease the pressure with solutions to give you that peace of mind to embark on your journeys ahead.